The World Ended.

Not with a bang, not with a whimper. But with the slow tired wheeze of a planet pushed beyond its limits.
We polluted the planet far passed any hope of recovery. The air became poison. So we built domes around our cities and towns. The first moving cities appeared later. Once resources became more scarce. They were more like towns, maybe the size of oil platforms.
For a while, life was okay.
Then Houston went offline. No communication, no traffic in or out.
“Who cares? The Texans had gotten more separatist than usual, they probably just dropped off the grid to cede.”
Other cities went dark next, more and more every day it seemed. Nobody knew why, then the survivors came trickling in.
It was…something… mutated beasts that tore cities apart.

We mounted a defense, we had changed too. People with powers and abilities out of comic books and action movies had appeared. The world banded together against this new threat to our survival and we halted the loss of cities. Not before we lost 75% of the Earth’s population from the Kaiju and natural disasters.

Years pass…

We come to today.

We come to your city, Lyndon. One of the latest breed of moving cities. It is massive, fully five miles across. Its reinforced crystal dome arcing hundreds of feet above your head. The spire at the city center seeming to balance it all. Lyndon is a walking city. It sports eight massive legs that move it along at a brisk two miles per hour.
Here is where your story begins.

Wayward Giants

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