Resident (slightly) mad scientist.


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SterlingLinnéa Sterling (You will refer to her as Frau Doctor or Dr. Sterling) appears to be in her late 20s and stands 5’4" tall. She wears a tight, bony frame beneath an ill-fitting lab coat, usually too absorbed in her work to remember to eat or sleep regularly. She wears her dark hair pulled back in a multitude of thick braids, usually gathered into a bun or ponytail atop her head to keep it out of her work. The ends of her hair have recently developed streaks of bright green, which she’s tried to cover up with dye to no avail. Her skin bears the tell-tale pallor of a researcher who prefers the cool interior of a controlled laboratory environment to the harsh rays of the sun, but nearly every visible inch is covered in light brown freckles. She wears narrow, rectangular glasses made from clear plastic that frequently slide down the bridge of her nose and do little to hide the bright yellow hue of her eyes.

Under Headmaster Warner Erden, she works in a lab devoted to the study and classification of the kaiju threat. Rumor has it that she arrived in Lyndon from a city on the European Mainland with highly secretive research on the creatures, and as such has been given a good deal of control over her experimentation and research subjects. Both newer electronic music and age old ‘classical’ instrumentation have been heard seeping out from behind the closed doors of her laboratory, and she’s been known to pace around the worktops with a violin while attempting to sort out a particularly difficult equation. She’s shown no interest thus far in fraternising with the other cadets, but can occasionally be seen in the company of two of the Academy’s top pilots, Staff Seargent Calhoun and Airman First Class Bex.

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